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4567 GHP膜Acrodisc针头过滤器,13mm 0.2um Minispike 
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13mm 0.2um 8.90 4.50
13mm 0.2um
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商品编号 商品全名 规格 报价
66485 BioTrace NT纯硝酸纤维素膜,0.2um,30cm*3m 2175
BSP0161 Fluoro Trans W转印膜 0.2um  26cm*3.3m卷 PVDF膜 3739
4652 Supor膜Acrodisc针头过滤器(灭菌包装),0.2um,32mm 50/pkg 2437
4654 SYRINGE FILTER .45UM 32MM PK50 50/pkg 2682
4612 Supor膜的Acrodisc 针头过滤器(灭菌包装)25MM 0.2UM 50/pkg 455
4614 Supor膜的Acrodisc 针头过滤器(灭菌包装) 25MM 0.45UM 50/pkg 455
4567 GHP膜Acrodisc针头过滤器,13mm 0.2um Minispike出口 8.902
OD003C35 Nanosep 离心浓缩管,1.5ml,3KD,Omega膜 21.49
OD010C35 Nanosep 离心浓缩管,1.5ml 10KD Omega膜 20.49
OD100C34 Nanosep 离心浓缩管,1.5ml 100KD Omega膜 23.5
OD300C33 Nanosep 离心浓缩管,1.5ml 300KD Omega膜 26.58
MCP003C46 Microsep Advance离心浓缩管,15ml 3KD Omega膜 48.57
MCP010C46 Microsep Advance离心浓缩管,15ml 10KD Omega膜 48.57
MCP030C46 Microsep Advance离心浓缩管,15ml 30KD Omega膜 48.57
MCP100C41 Microsep Advance离心浓缩管,15ml 100KD Omega膜 56.04
MAP003C38 Macrosep Advance离心浓缩管,50ml 3KD Omega膜 98.28
MAP010C38 Macrosep Advance离心浓缩管,50ml 10KD Omega膜 98.28
MAP030C38 Macrosep Advance离心浓缩管,50ml 30KD Omega膜 98.28
MAP100C37 Macrosep Advance离心浓缩管,50ml 100KD Omega膜 104.46
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